About us

About the Company

We have established Drillbone in Brno, Czech Republic in 2020. We are developing orthopaedic instruments and tools of our own design and supplying them to the market in the Czech Republic and abroad. Education of operating surgeons and patients is an important part of our work. Our methods issue from the principles of evidence-based medicine. Drillbone is an independent company that goes against the current mainstream and is proud of it.


Filip Hudecek, M.D.

He has been doing orthopaedics since 1997 and it has become his lifetime passion. He enjoys operating and learning new things. This is why he spends as much time in the operating theatre as possible and is studying all the time. He loves meeting people who are passionate about what they do, enjoys changing the scene and creating new things. And so he travels around the world, meets leading orthopaedists and introduces new methods in the Czech Republic.

Through the Drillbone project he is making his dream come true. It is a dream about freedom and independence. A dream that other surgeons who think similarly will join him. For them and for their patients he wants to develop tools and instruments with his team, and promote surgical techniques that are the core of the Drillbone project slogan: “strong solutions for better healing”. He does this because he wants to move orthopaedics at least a little bit forward in the direction in which he trusts.

MUDr. Filip Hudeček

What we do

Our tools are intended for transosseous and press-fit techniques that allow for the natural healing of tissues. We strive to avoid implants. Thanks to this our patients experience earlier relief from postoperative pain and can commence accelerated rehabilitation. Moreover, these techniques are significantly cheaper, and as such they resonate with the emerging value-based care trend.

For surgeon

Our website should be your clear and comprehensible guide to learning new surgical skills and techniques. Here you will find videos, animations, operation techniques, tips and tricks, FAQ, and relevant literature. Just try it out. But be warned, it is addictive…

For patient

Our website also offers a lot of information also for you, our patients. When you understand your health problem, we have a better chance of achieving results from the treatment.
Physicians are not omnipotent and there are no cure-all medicines or miraculous methods. Healing is always a result of natural processes taking place in the body, our precision and gentle interventions, and your approach.

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